Fabrics & Finishes: Choosing a Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaids have big shoes to fill to help make the bride’s day spectacular, but it is a task that any true relative or friend is up to tackling. When selecting bridesmaid dresses, the fabric of dress is almost as important as the design itself. The bridesmaid dress should be comfortable, stylish and trendy, and pleasing to the eye.

Some of the most commonly used fabrics and finishes used in bridesmaid dresses include the following:

Chiffon – Chiffon is popular because it is lightweight and flowing so it doesn’t cling to the lady’s body. Sometimes Chiffon material is sheer, so layering is oftentimes recommended.

Cady- Cady is used with cotton material. It holds shape well, it stretches easily and has only a minimal amount of sheen. This material is chosen for daytime wedding more than those held at night.

Voile – This material offers the same draping style as chiffon, but it is heavier in weight. Usually the material is used in combination with cotton fabrics so it is breathable.

Charmeuse- While this fabric isn’t widely known, satin, its cousin, is very popular. The fabric shares many of the same qualities as its cousin material, but is more lightweight and even softer. This fabric is oftentimes selected for nighttime weddings, but isn’t good in high heat levels because it might cause intense sweating.

Satin- Satin feels like silk, as most people often refer to it as. This material is soft, smooth, and feels great to touch, but it is very delicate and lightweight. The material drapes across the body and works well when form-fitting style is desired.

Mikado –  Mikado is a stiff, blended fabric that is used for structured material and dresses. It is subtle in texture and oftentimes used for winter wedding ceremonies.

Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’re seeking the best yellow bridesmaid dresses to complete your wedding, do not make your selection until you’ve considered the various fabrics and finishes offered. Those listed above are just some of the many available for your wedding dress. You’ll be glad that you took the time to find the best!